Friday, November 23, 2012

Links to my website are broken

It's probably time to change my DNS registrar... I'm using (old for my websites ( / ), and I just discovered the sites were not forwarding anymore URLs to the dynamic DNS and . For some reason, they decided to change the domain from 'URL forwarding' to 'Parked' which pointed to a page with spam links.
I changed that and now the root of the website redirects correctly, but folders and direct page links are still broken, they display some 'page not found' frame with the same spam links instead of redirecting to the matching folder on the site.

I hope this is not some 'feature' added to get more spam clicks from others' domains. If the situation persists, it will be bye-bye namezero/dotster after 10 years of using their services...

Meanwhile, if you can't access direct links to my website, use instead the dynamic DNS addresses I mentioned above.

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Alin Constantin said...

Finally, the domain transfer is complete and the website is back up. I got my e-mail address back, yay!