Friday, April 13, 2007

How to open a HTC3600 to install the battery and SIM

I got yesterday a new toy, a HTC 3600 smartphone, and I've hit the first problem with it when I tried to remove the cover and install the battery and SIM card.
At a glance I couldn't figure it out; I read the manuals but I still couldn't understand how to open the HTC3600.

Here is where I think the problem is:

  • the HTC3600 quick guide only make a reference about "sliding" the cover, but doesn't tell you in which direction
  • "sliding" the cover doesn't seem like an option because it looks like the camera in the back won't allow such motion
  • the cover could be really tight on some units (at least until you open it a couple of times and it gets loose) and you're afraid of using the force and risk breaking a 600$ phone

Sounds a bit stupid, doesn't it? Well, I've search the net and so I've discovered I'm not a complete idiot, as many other people had the same issue...

Eventually, one post pointed me in the right direction. Now that I know how, it's easy to open it (it even opened by itself when I dropped it on the carpet :-))

Anyway, since many people looking for a solution asked for pictures, I decided to post this blog note.

The manual is right, the cover does slide in the direction indicated by the arrow.

To open HTC3600 phone, slide the cover in this direction

However, it will only move for 3-4 mm in this direction, and then it will stop.

HTC 3600 cover slides just a bit, then it can be removed

After that, the cover can be lifted and set aside. Notice the disk around the camera lens is just a cover (not the real lens), and slide together with the HPC3600 cover.

HTC3600 and cover

To open the phone you may need to use a bit of force. Here is how I think you can open the phone easier:

  1. remove the stylus from the phone (the stylus doesn't slide, and it will make it harder for you to grab just the cover and slide it)
  2. take the phone in your left hand as indicated in the picture below (with Call/Cancel buttons towards the palm, and left wrist)

    Hold the HTC 3600 phone with left hand to open it
  3. use the right hand index and thumb fingers on the upper/bottom and apply presure towards the right side while holding the phone in left palm

    Slide HTC3600 cover towards right to remove it
  4. the cover should slide 3mm with a click, then stop
  5. you can now lift the cover