Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Remote VPN for Microsoft employees

Ok, connection to Microsoft RAS/VPN is a problem for me every once in a while - IT keeps inventing things like "MSIT Connection Manager", "Microsoft IT VPN", "MSFTVPN", "MSIT AutoVPN", etc. And when things stop working and I have to delete all vpn connections/apps and start all over again, I don't know anymore where to get the connection apps... I keep searching the net for remote team partners extranet Microsoft employees and combinations of those, as I remember the address used to be, to no avail. Based on Bing's suggestions, many others search for same things. Anyway, now I found it, so here is the correct address to use, for next time I'll need it:
It has even a shorter link: http://aka.ms/remote
Hopefully next time I'll remember to search my blog...