Saturday, September 8, 2007

Cross Flow fan replacement for Infrant ReadyNAS 600

For safe(r) storage of my data I use an Infrant ReadyNAS 600 in RAID mode 1.

The model A of the device uses for cooling a cross-flow fan, which is silent, speed adjustable, and seemed cool looking at the time. While I kept good care of it (blowing it of dust every couple of weeks), after 2 years of use it showed fatigue signs (noise), and in one week it stopped working completely. The device can't work without the fan - the hard drives get easily to 60 degrees Celsius and the device powers itself down for protection.

Unfortunately, it isn't very easy to get a replacement for this fan. Newer ReadyNAS models use regular fans which are cheaper (and easier to buy, I'd add).

Infrant calls the cross flow fan for ReadyNAS 600 model RN06-FAN1 and a replacement should have been easily bought from their site However, Infrant is now Netgear, and while the stock transitions the fan is no longer available for buying.

So I tried to buy the fan from other sources.

Looking on the fan in my device, it shows on its label:
Cross Flow Fan
Jin Yin Shyang Ent.Co., Ltd.,Taiwan

A net search shows the JDH03009A12 fan is only available on which is a Chinese-only site. I tried buying the fan from the site with the help of 2 Chinese-speaking coworkers, but the site has such a bad design I didn't succeed placing an oder (also the site is not secure - doesn't use SSL, and buying from here is a bit shady). The site is owned by Li Yahuiy (yahuiyli AT and yahuiyli AT which has other auctions for the JDH-03009A12/RN06-FAN1 fan on yahoo site. However, the guy doesn't seem to speeak English, and at least for me, using Google beta translations for every mail is not an option.

Fortunately, I obtained a temporary fan replacement from Infrant (more on this later). The new fan has this info on its label:
Sleeve Bearing
Chiefly Choice Co., Ltd

See here both fans (old and temporary replacement):

A search for the new model/company finds it on another Taiwanese site, but they don't seem to sell it either.

Anyway, this gave me more confidence I'll be able to find similar fans in the future. It looks like I'll just have to find another cross flow fan, 12V, with dimension 130X45X40.6mm (overall) and 108X32mm(mounting holes). Preferably, this should use 0.12-1.13A.

I did a quick search and it looks like there are other models that fit the description:
CRHD-030 Series on (still Taiwan)
DF30098V12 models on (Finally a site in U.S.)

While the connector is not the same, the voltage/amperage and dimentions match, so I guess that after changing the connector these fans can be used as replacement without problem.

Hopefully the fan will also be available again from Netgear site, after the stock transfer...


Unknown said...

A call to Microsoft Product Support is probably the best option.
You'll probably learn a lot about those and other errors by having
them help you fix these problems.


On 5 Feb 2003 00:09:52 -0800, (Yaron

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Ruckenstein) wrote:

>I have some problems maintaining my VSS database.
>My client's version is 6.0c build 9447.

>I purged all deleted files from the database (took about a day).
>I used the free tool recommended in this group, can be found at:

>Then I run "analyze -f -d -c" on the data folder (took about a night).

>I got the following result:
>Analyze Visual SourceSafe Version 6.0c (Build 9350)
>Database analysis in progress @ 4/02/03;20:27.
>Invalid syntax on line 2 of file p:\cm\vss\mpower\data\labels\x_3_y_
>Invalid syntax on line 2 of file p:\cm\vss\mpower\data\labels\x_2_y_
>Analysis complete @ 5/02/03; 8:54
> Potentially serious errors or inconsistencies were found.
>The analyzed.bad files contains the following list:

>I also got a copy of each of these files in the backup directory.
>There is also directory "labels", with many files in it.

>My questions are:
>1. What is the meaning of problems with the labels.
>2. Why do I get the "labels" directory?, is it the standard behavior
> or is something wrong with the labels listed there (about 1500)
>3. What are the common problems with labels, and what
> is the recommended method of handling these problems.
>4. What can I do to handle the bad files.
>5. I got instruction from Patric McCoormick about how to fix the
> rights.dat files. The instruction are:
> 4.0 backup the database.
> 4.1 rename rights.dat
> 4.2 run analyze -f. (This will force analyze to rebuild the rights.dat file)
> 4.3 re-apply the rights
> My question is what is the meaning of 4.3 (how to do it, is the rights.dat
> regenerated, or should I rename it back, or maybe something else ?)
>6. Are there better tools I can use ?
>7. Any other thing I can do by myself before I call the Microsoft support ?

>Thanks in advance,

Alin Constantin said...

Joe, I'm not sure how your comment (in reply to a post from 2003?) is related to a post about ReadyNas fans, but I've allowed it anyway. You're right, the best option for Yaron is to call Product Support, as his database seems to have multiple corruption.

Yaron, if you read this, I'd start from begining (using the database you backed up in step 4.0). Call Patrick at Product Support to obtain analyze from VSS2005 - it's better than the one coming with VSS6. Analyze repairs whatever it can, so usually there is no need to do anything else. Rights.dat is indeed regenerated by analyze. You have so many files in the backup folder because you specified the -c flag to analyze: this causes analyze to compact spaces in the files, and it back up any compacted file before it writes the new one. You may not need this flag; usually you don't save a big space by compacting files.

Alin Constantin said...

Speaking about the cross-flow fan, the fan in my ReadyNAS just died.
I found replacement on

SILVERSTONE RL-FX121 Case Fan - Retail
NewEgg Item#:N82E16835220002
(which is in fact a JDH-03009A12L Jin Yin Shyang)

I'll just go ahead and order one...