Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lumanari de botez in Seattle (Finding candles for orthodox baptism in Seattle)

This is a post I wanted to write one year ago when I was looking for candles for the baptism of our godson, Cosmin. At that time we spent a fair amount of time running in circles for a store named Kaufland, Kaufman or something like this, whose address we didn't know exactly... The church staff couldn't help us either, being as clueless as we were...

Eventually we found the shop and solved our problem, and I considered writing a blog post for other Romanians looking for candles, but I forgot. Today I was looking for the same store (I found it faster on the Internet this time), and I remembered to write it in case I'll need it ever again....

If you're looking for baptism candles (lumanari de botez) in Seattle, it should be easy this time: look for Kaufer's Religious Supplies, which is located at 901 Harrison St., Seattle.

Usually, the Romanian baptisms (botezurile) in Seattle are held at St Spiridon Cathedral Orthodox Church, which is conveniently located on the same street as the store. From the church head west on Harrison street, the store should be on the left side.

The store has catholic religious supplies; thell the clerks what you need. The candles are usually 24 or 36" long, simple (not ornated), and can be either extreme white or a bit yellowish (from beeswax).

Good luck!

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