Saturday, June 14, 2008

How to exit full-screen mode for TSClient in Ubuntu

If you made the mistake of using TsClient in Ubuntu and connecting to a Windows machine in full-screen mode, you may find hard to exit the Remote Desktop because there is no 'control bar' at the top of the TS window, the same way there is one in Windows' equivalent Mstsc.
You simply can't click any buttton to minimize the window and see the Linux desktop...

You can use Ctrl+Alt+Enter to toggle the full-screen mode, but with a caveat: if you enabled desktop effects, pressing Ctrl+Alt+Enter appears to do nothing except flashes the screen...
If you have desktop effects enabled, use Ctrl+Alt+Left or use Ctrl+Alt+Right arrows after using Ctrl+Alt+Enter to toggle between the two virtual desktops used by Ubuntu.

Note that Ctrl-Alt-Enter toggles two modes: one in which you can switch the desktops with Ctrl+Alt+arrows, and another one in which the arrows don't work, but you can zoom with WinKey+1,WinKey+2, Winkey+3, etc. If you find the arrows not working, press again Ctrl-Alt-Enter to enter the other mode in which Ctrl+Alt+Left / Ctrl+Alt+Right will work.

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Rick van der Zwet said...

Thanks the CTRL+ALT+ENTER did the trick